Codos and noise don’t go well together

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to view my blog. Today’s article will focus on noise dampening technology and how they have been deployed in Toronto. The following two bullet points are the most important points from an article I found in The Globe and Mail titled “Condo dwellers look for ways to turn down the volume” by John Lorinc.

  1. Diamond Schmitt Architects used the revolutionary Belgian Solution on Daniels’ High Park condo four years ago, which installed giant steel encased rubber buffers along the wall. This had to be implemented as the condo was right on top of the noisy subway
    1. Given the fact the noise from tenants, roads, mechanical equipment are a common source of disruption, a good builder would see a long term benefit to delivering units that are devout of excessive noise.
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  2. New regulations are requiring builders to ensure the acoustic performance of walls are higher than they historically had to be. These new regulations will apply to buildings that had construction begin after January 1st, 2017.
    1. Newly enacted laws force builders to test walls onsite and hold builders to higher standards via stricter building code requirements
    2. These new laws also provide additional remedies to owners/operators
    3. Noise complaints can now be made through Tarion (Building Bulletin 19R lays out the standards)
  3. There will always be noise. Acoustic design’s endgoal is not to eliminate noise, but to reduce it.
    1. Houses have much better sound dampening properties as wood joists are able to effectively transfer noise vibrations to drywall
    2. On the other hand, condos, tend to have poor sound isolation as laminate underpads tend to be thin, drop ceilings are almost always upgrades, and the fact that concrete (which acts like rock) transmits noise and vibration.
      1. Condo buyers may benefit from being on higher floors given that they will hear less street noise, but must be careful to ensure adjacent builings do not have their mechanical units on the adjacent level.

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