Take a breather

For 6 months I tired have been experimenting with the power of doing 5 deep inhales and exhales 5 tones a day. It was a program called take 5 which truely changed my life. Here are the simplified instructions. The difficult: actually doing it for 3-4 weeks to form the habit. After watching this video by Max Storm, I hope you get motivated to try it out.

Is democracy flawed?

Depends on who you ask and how they perceive the economic incentives and disincentives it creates. The reality is that no matter what economic regime you are a part of (e.g. free market, Communist, hybrid, etc.) the scarcity of resources are a reality. There will always not be enough gold, Mercedes, mansions, etc. for everyone to enjoy. Even if the government of Canada stands at the street corner and gives away gold bars, someone is paying for that. Even though

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Buy-in the key to smooth sailing

In the day age when everyone is their own publicist and is streaming different channels (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) through different mediums (e.g. YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.) the clash of ideas, opinions, and actions are common place and more pronounced (e.g. Trump, Islamophobia, white supremacy, etc.). How do we reconsile our differences when social media encourage us to be us? On the personal side, I don’t have a strong opinion either way. The issue boils down to a freedom of

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Idea are all around us, is your big idea right in front of your eyes?

Over the many years of reading, I have realized that I retain more information when listening to podcasts as opposed to reading books or articles. As a result, whether I can, I opt for podcasts. Last week, as I listened to one of my favorite podcasts: How I Built This with Guy Raz From NPR, I heard a very interested story about Michael Sorrentino, a veteran television news producer who patented the idea of the eyepatch iPhone Case-read more here.

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In life, we are all looking for certainty. We are often able to achieve this by asking for more than we need, but who pays for the spare capacity or redundancy we don’t end up using? Do you buy more milk and bread than you will use when you so your weekly grocery shopping? Do you give yourself extra time during your morning commute or when you have an important meeting you need to be on time for? Do you

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Habit of the month: #1-July-winning too much

One of my favorite book is “what got you here won’t get you there” by Marshall Smith. I attest to the incredibly useful content of this book and the practicality of it. I recommend it to anyone who’s trying to improve their interpersonal skills and ultimately their chances of moving up the corporate and personal ladder. In an effort to internalize this, every month I will take on one of the “don’t a” from Marshalls book and try my best

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Hard thing about hard things

Why everyone always in rush? It seems like noone ever has any time for chatting, relaxing nor working. In my experience, we all feel overwhelmed because we have become a race of notifications. We communicate via notifications and constantly react to them. Essentially, we treat demands for our attention as notifications the we need to respond to right away (e.g. Facebook status updates) or something we swipe away from our home screen (e.g. GoogleMap demands for review while you are

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Fishing: the boring thing to do

In life, everyone wants to fly by you on the highway, on the org. chart, on the marathon race, etc… I was away on a fish trip this weekend in beautiful Sudbury and fished for almost 12 hours in one day. It was a fun, relaxing and boring activity that involved a lot of waiting. After a few hours on the lake, I decided that this is so boring that I can fish and read The Economist with my iPhone

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Why company culture is the key predictor of success

What’s the best way to turn a company around? Change the culture! We have all worked with and dealt with poor performing employees and companies. There is lots of lots of research done in this field everyday, but what does it really mean? I recently experienced a push for a shift in culture where members of a scattered team were asked to stop blaming each other and help each other out. Seems like a simple ask, but in the high

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Why is change do difficult

We all want to improve, get faster, smarter, more efficient, more convincing, but how can we achieve that? As Marshall Goldsmith correctly pointed out, we hope for a magical stress free day six months from now when we have tons of times and energy. We, including me, imagine this is the day we will sit down and improve our grammer, stop cutting people off, and learn to speak more convincingly. How many of these days have you had? I imagine

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