Hard thing about hard things

Why everyone always in rush? It seems like noone ever has any time for chatting, relaxing nor working.

In my experience, we all feel overwhelmed because we have become a race of notifications. We communicate via notifications and constantly react to them. Essentially, we treat demands for our attention as notifications the we need to respond to right away (e.g. Facebook status updates) or something we swipe away from our home screen (e.g. GoogleMap demands for review while you are at dinner with family).

Notifications overwhelm (photo credits: makeuseof)

This is all fun and games, until we step back and realize that we have weered off the track of life and are in constant response mode. Solution: block distractions and treat your time and attention as the most valuable resource you have. In his extremely insightful book titled “deep work” Cal Newport discussed the effects of distraction and how you can increase your mental horsepower in the world of distractions- a phenomenological read.

Photo credit: Twitter

Hadi is Honours civil of engineering graduate with solid project management experience in the construction industry. Solutions-focused, results-oriented with strong business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. Currently, he is working as an assistant site-superintendant with Darcon Inc. at one of Vaughan's biggest developments, Centro Square.

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