Buy-in the key to smooth sailing

In the day age when everyone is their own publicist and is streaming different channels (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) through different mediums (e.g. YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.) the clash of ideas, opinions, and actions are common place and more pronounced (e.g. Trump, Islamophobia, white supremacy, etc.). How do we reconsile our differences when social media encourage us to be us?

On the personal side, I don’t have a strong opinion either way. The issue boils down to a freedom of speech issue, which I am not an expert on, but I can understand both sides (i.e. no one should be allowed to openly hate others and no one has the right to dictate what a hater posts).

On the professional side, I have a strong opinion. I believe that leaders must rally people around them. I am well aware of the fact that buisness schools teach professionals to collaborate and make decisions together, but in a large organization, this becomes far too inefficient. What is the alternative? Form an opinion that make sense keeping in mind the top priorities of the organization (e.g. price, quality, customer experience, etc.) using factual data and experience. Present a clear and compelling argument for why your point of view is the best way forward. Of course you should be open to suggestions as better ideas are presented, but generally, I find that if you are confident and logical then the path forward makes sense for most people and it avoids getting trapped in the corporate black hole. Although this may not be the ideal solution, it is the best “quick decision” which allows you to experiment with it and evolve accordingly!

Hadi is Honours civil of engineering graduate with solid project management experience in the construction industry. Solutions-focused, results-oriented with strong business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. Currently, he is working as an assistant site-superintendant with Darcon Inc. at one of Vaughan's biggest developments, Centro Square.

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