Life is unfair-world cup edition ⚽🇭🇷 🇫🇷⚽

Many are complaining about the handball that the referee called during the France vs. Croatia game during the World Cup Final. Many say it wasn’t a handball and that it changed the momentum of the game, possibly true.

To me, the more glaring insight is that life is unpredictable. In a world where football has been played professionally for hundreds of years, one would imagine that between the VAR system, the referees in the control room, and the referee on the field, the decision made on the field would only reflect reality.

Unfortunately, there are many many instances of injustice (e.g. wrongful convictions for 25 years due to police corruption) and plain bad luck (e.g. being born in the Democratic Republic of Congo where the GDP per capita of $468.20 USD in 2018 vs. Canada’s GDP per capital of $51,315.89 USD – x109!!).

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Long story short: life sucks and is unfair, but I am firm believer that hard work, determination, a vision to change the world will shine through the clouds of injustice and bad luck. Weather you shine in the 2018 world cup as France did, in 2022 world cup as Croatia may or in a few years when your rays are so bright that nothing can hold them back- someday it will happen!

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