The CocaCola brand is worth $98.3 billion USD!

Why is the CocaCola brand so incredibly powerful, successful and top of mind. This blog was inspired by the following Youtube video which was created by thoughtcatalyst.

Some scary/intersting facts:

  1. 94% of the world’s population recognize the brand
  2. Operates in 200 countries (there only officially 195 countries in the world, so maybe they even dominate some fake countries)
  3. 1.9 billion servings of Cocacola are consumed per day (1/3 of the world’s population consumes Cocacola)
    1. More importantly, if we consider the more than 1/2 of world’s population lives on $2.50/day, and of course cannot reasonably consume Cocacola, then 50% of the humans on earth who may afford a Cocacola consume it [1.9Bil/(7.5Bil/2)]
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So how did Cocacola do it? As the Youtube video explains so clearly, Cocacola doesn’t compete with others as a commodity because it doesn’t want to be the cheapest carbonated soft drink on the market. Instead, they focus on the feeling behind the drink. Its about inclusivity, happiness, joy, sharing, fun, sports, etc. of course we think that we are not so easily fooled, but I am willing to make a wager that even though we don’t think much about the ads, they are effective and we do starting associating the Cocacola brand with joy, sharing, happiness, etc.

Image credits: PintrestHow is your branding associating itself with the feeling you want the customer to have when they think about your brand?!



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