The power of listening

As part of my effort to watch at least one TED Talk per day, I came upon a trash that revolved around communication: How to speak so that people will listen by Julian Treasure. Julian first talks about what not to do: lie, gossip, complain, judge, spew negativity, etc. This is more powerful than you may think. As a self-help enthusiast, I cannot overemphasize the importance off focus on what you shouldn’t do and less of what “best practices” you

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How to be truly innovative

I have adopted a routine of watching one TED talk per day. I highly recommend this practice as it exposues you to be idea you have never heard of our will hear about in a compact and engaging way. Yesterday, I watched Guy Kawasaki’s TED talk and I believe that both content-wise and presentation-wise, it was the best TED talk I have ever watched. His point about purpose before money struck a chord with me: Great innovation is motivated by

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