Growing popularity of dynamic pricing

This is a review of the article titled “A growing number of companies are using “dynamic” pricing” published in The Economist on January 30th, 2016. “Article on-the-go”: more and more vendors today are adopting dynamic pricing strategies to maximise revenues, but this could backfire as consumers lose trust in vendors if prices become unfair due to dynamic pricing and online retailers who frequently change prices risk engaging in a race to the bottom. Overall, it is best for retailers to

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Asian rice farmer’s are losing money because of goernment subsidies

As defined by The Worl Bank, the internal poverty line is $1.90/day. 10% of Indonesians and 6% of Cambodians are living under this poverty line. Given that this should supply ample cheap labour to the supply side of the market, how can classical economics explain the fact that the price of a kilogramme of rice was $0.40 in Cambodia $0.70 in Indonesia? Can’t the fact that Indonesia is an archipelago with poor infrastructure explains this disparity? How about the fact that Indonesia is a

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